Sunday, May 10, 2009

Comment form Fr. Delfin San Jose, Aberdeen, New Jersey

You are really on the go Fr. Ablon! You should be proud of what you and the diocese as a whole are doing.
I have an observation, however, that should enhance your service to the Lord. While you and others are doing well with social justice for people in need, condemning the atrocities of the government and its instrumentalities; the corruption in the IFI perpetrated by the vile of the "Friar like" supposed to be spiritual guidance from the leadership erodes the very nature of the IFI as the "New Liberated human being" are not being addressed. The failing spiritual leadership of the SCB should never be underscored for this failure lead to the birth of the IFI. It is ironic that the very evil that we as a "Congregation of new human being. . . " despised and fought against- that lead to our distinction as part of the glorified body of Christ is now creating havoc to the serenity of this wonderful body of the saints in light. The fatal blow inflicted to us by the Supreme Court decision in 1906, the Fonacier/ Delos Reyes controversy, Ga initiated chaos during the time of Dela Cruz Obispado, the factions created by bishop, priests and the whole parish leaving our fold are clear expressions of IFI failure to extend the humble and uniting leadership of our Lord who is The Good Shepherd. The Leadership of the IFI had been so comfortable to invoke the rights prescribed by the civil court or the law of the land instead of harnessing the uniting power of the Holy Spirit and the re conciling force of the "Suffering Servant" who illustrated the "humility in service". We found the reconciling power of the "Suffering Servant" who came to serve and humbly offered himself even to a humiliating death to save us. He came not to be served but to serve. As it is now, retired bishops, priest and even the whole parish leave the IFI that for me, defies the example we learned from the Lord about the Good Shepherd who "will leave the 99 sheep to look for the one lost sheep".
I witnessed this erosion. My belief is that God is cleaning his Church, I give way to His will with the prayer that I be part of the solution and will never be part of the problem. So far I can feel the goodness and kindness of the Lord. You and what is happening in your diocese and other are positive sign of the change the Lord is now initiating.
Say hi to our beloved family sponsors. We love and will not forget them.
Regards to you, your family, to the Bishop, Priests and people.
God bless us all, as He always does.
Fr. Del

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